Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In Wenatchee Washington?

selling a house while in probate in Wenatchee Washington?

Probate is the legal process of transferring the property title from the owner who passes away to his beneficiaries or heirs. If a person dies, his property is left behind to his loved ones. This case usually involves the last will testament provided by the dying person, but in other cases, this process may not be necessarily taken.

Regardless of the condition, the left behind property will be re-assigned to the next heirs with the help of the court.

During the process there are questions often asked such as, “Is it possible to sell the Wenatchee house while in the probate process?” Certainly, the answer is yes, as long as the right steps are followed.

Elite Acquisitions Group is a real estate investor in Wenatchee Washington. We advise homeowners to undergo the simple steps. We also recommend other investors to study the process of purchasing a house while it’s on the probate process in Wenatchee.

Is it possible to sell the house in Wenatchee, Washington when it’s on the probate period? Yes, and there are a few steps to follow.

Appraising the property

Appraising your property is important and it is done with the help of a licensed property appraiser. There are many competent appraisers in Washington and you can find them from the local phone book.

As a company investing on real estate, we purchase houses on probate. If your house has gone through a probate period in Wenatchee Washington, we are here to buy it at any condition.

Getting petition

If the property is under probate period, it requires necessary probation of the court. You’ll be asked to fill out the petition form stating how the manner of selling is done. You will also provide details with relevance to the selling of the house in Wenatchee.

With an independent appraiser, you can accomplish the form then ask for the approval of the court to sell your house. Once the acquisition of petition is completed, the investor can start purchasing the property.

We assist in obtaining the petition and ensure that the homeowner has completed the process of getting such petition.

Place your house for sale

The second step is to place the house for sale. Inform the house buyer about the probate condition of the house and that selling can only happen once the court has issued the confirmation.

Investors can decide to purchase the house and sell it once the court petition is received.

If these terms and conditions are applicable to the property for sale, Elite Acquisitions Group can buy it and give relief on the part of the seller.

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If your property in Wenatchee fits our fair all-cash offer, we will:

Ask confirmation from the court

Sale confirmation from the court is required to approve the selling of your house in Wenatchee. Obtaining the confirmation allows you to wait, depending on the condition in the court.

By and large, court hearings occur within a period of 20 days to 40 days. Prior to the court hearing, it is important to do the necessary arrangements and receive the 10% of the price of the property.

Elite Acquisitions Group is a reliable investor in Washington and we ensure that the homeowner has the way to get the court confirmation as soon as possible.

Local advertisement in the newspapers

Notify the public about the selling of the house, advertising it in some local newspapers. It’s important to notify the people that the property is for sale while on the probate process.

Open bidding is encouraged to give other buyers the chance to buy the house and to get the highest bid as well. Court hearings can accept the bidding from different potential buyers.

We at Elite Acquisitions Group know that there are properties on probate because they are advertised mostly on Washington local newspapers.

Join the hearing

The court mandates that the owner of the house joins the hearing. This is also the time court gets bidding from interested investors and potential buyers. Once final agreement is completed, the court receives the cashier’s check after confirming the bid.

When a new buyer joins the hearing, the money of the previous buyer can be refunded and the buyer’s deposit can be taken after the court has issued the confirmation. Elite Acquisitions Group has the ready cash to pay for the deposit after the confirmation of the contract is given.

After the above steps, the completion of the contract will be done together with the property buyer. Real estate investors are searching for the right properties that have gone through the legal procedure and have complied with the court’s rules.

We are here to help you sell your house in Wenatchee. Elite Acquisitions Group is the real estate investor willing to buy your house no matter what the existing condition is.

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