Foreclosure Property Listings In Wenatchee – What’s Real And What’s Not?

Do you want to find some property foreclosures in Washington State? There is much information in the property data that you can access online. Our company has the reliable source of our own foreclosure property listing and it’s accessible anytime you need it. Join our Foreclosure Property Alert List here >> in Washington State Washington.


With the existing local foreclosure properties, how would you know if the data information of the property is reliable enough and not just a vain marketing scheme?

Some websites like have the excellent business of combining property information from different sources. We are one of the best investors in Washington that uses this website most of the time. Information is reliably good and faster to use instead of searching many properties on the publication’s classified ads.

The only pitfall that happens with online services is the possibility of getting information that is not current.

Also, you may encounter foreclosures that have been known to other real estate investors. They may have gotten it directly from the law court days, weeks or months ago.

We also have other sources.

It has been a practice of many agents who are experts in foreclosures to post their own property lists. However, this is not genuine marketing because they only trade your contact details in a wrong way.

Free lists are also good and there’s no danger when someone signs up. If information is not valuable, it’s always easy to unsubscribe.

There are many things to learn if you are just new in the foreclosure market. It will take you longer time searching for houses for sale that have been taken and sold. It’s part of the lesson and the experience to learn in the real estate industry.

If you examine the new property value, try to make some comparisons on the houses on the list — versus the houses shown in other lists.

If there are no exclusive or new details on the list which you can’t find in other place, it’s best to disregard the property.

We’re not one of the real estate brokers in Washington. We never share trusted information or sell sub-standard lists.

We publish exclusively our own properties we have purchased and are under contract. In short, it’s our own list that we give to the public.

Elite Acquisitions Group has been doing business within the network of reliable investors for years. We work closely with the long-term real estate investors in Wenatchee, Washington.

We offer a big discount and pass it along, while giving ourselves a fair favor that permits us to continue with our business.

If we are sure about the foreclosure, we include the house on our property list to sell it to buyers.

By, signing up, you’ll get quick access to the type of house you want.  We offer cheap houses with exclusive deals that are not offered anywhere in Wenatchee.



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