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Your property’s existing condition is not a big deal to us. In fact, we will buy your house as is—no hassles and no obligation.

We have extended our help to different homeowners with property problems.  Don’t worry if you inherited an unwanted house in Marysville,  we have a solution for you.

Regardless of your house condition, timeframe and location, we can sell your house fast in Marsyville. Our deal is a fair all-cash offer that guarantees check payment. You can get this check within five (5) days of providing us brief information about your house.  Contact us at 253-254-5205 or simply fill out our online form below to accept our quick offer.

We’ve gone through various situations in Marysville even to the most common issues like:

1.   divorce
2.   relocating
3.   foreclosure
4.   monthly payment struggles
5.   unwanted tenants
6.   mortgage upside down
7.   repairs and others…

If you are facing the same situation, pick up the phone and dial 253-254-5205.  Somebody will talk to you and assist you in our office.

We know exactly how to deal with each situation. In reality, we don’t confine ourselves in buying properties in Marysville alone, we also buy houses in all surrounding areas of Marysville.

We Buy Houses Marysville
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Hiring a real estate agent is the usual option homeowners do when they need to sell their house. However, it requires awareness on how long it will take to sell the house because the process is long and costly.

Furthermore, it’s not helpful to stick to the traditional way of selling a house as it takes time to see results.

Understand that there are hindrances along the way when you try to work with a real estate agent.  Here are a few pitfalls you can’t avoid:

1.   long process
2.   closing costs and agent’s commissions
3.   endless paperworks
4.   house repairs and clean up
5.   agent may have other clients
6.   tie up with the buyers who back out before closing.
7.   no assurance your agent can close the sale, and more…

But We Offer A Quick Solution

While selling a house is difficult and very stressful, Elite Acquisitions, LLC works differently.  Our cash offer makes us trustworthy and we never depend on the traditional bank financing.   Within 24 hours of submitting the basic information of your property, you get a fair all-cash offer from us.  Click here to see how our process works!

We’re here to get rid of your stress and give you peace of mind. Sell your house to us. We’ll be working with you based on the specific terms you want.

All throughout Marysville, we deal with homeowners who want to sell their house fast. We are able to close the sale and get it accomplished within 7 days.

Our Main Objective Is…

To make your life worry-free and less stressful!  Don’t let that house press you down if you can get a better option. Our deal is a quick, reasonable and a fair all-cash offer to all homeowners.

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We don’t mind about your existing situation, your property’s condition and the timeframe to sell the house. We deal with property owners no matter what issues they have. If you have a tight schedule and it’s too difficult to sell your house, unload the burdens to us. Nothing is too hard for us to do.

You may also talk to our friendly staff before accepting our offer. Call us today at 253-254-5205 and give your property info over the phone.

We buy houses in Marysville and the nearby locations in Washington. You gain everything if you take our offer today.   The process is made easy and we will sell your house fast.