Real Estate Investing Resources In Wenatchee

Looking for the right real estate properties? Get help in putting your best investment in Washington State.

Searching for the best property in Washington State isn’t difficult in the first place. In fact, you can get started by doing your homework.

We’ve got tools in searching for the best Washington real estate resources. We’ll help you tap the quick research and guide you through. Here are a few techniques you can use for the best deals.

These are actually free websites to familiarize yourself with:

1.  Zillow

Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, stated that they’ve got the “living database of all homes” in Washington and this is their most important asset.

So, if you’re looking for the largest as well as the worst real estate website on the block, try to visit Zillow. This site builds huge wealth on constructing real estate data.

Zestimate tool is off—as noticed by most people. As technology can do estimates (and that is always expected), people will still need to evaluate the comps including the market condition.

When you visit Zillow online, evaluate their prices and figure out why buyers and sellers choose this site for deals. Learn further about Zillow, especially the information of each listed property—not only the house but also the neighborhoods.

Keep in mind that buying a property is a part of a big puzzle game that sums up to the entire Washington market. By learning about Zillow, real estate investors have the chance to discover the right market for themselves.

2. LoopNet

LoopNet plays the role of a granddaddy when it comes to investing in commercial real estate. If you have a building property targeting institutional investors to buy it, you can list that building on LoopNet.

While you’re being challenged by other investors when seeing big deals, you can always find best deals on this site. Unfortunately, LoopNet isn’t the right place for beginners. If you belong to the Grade-A investor who ties up with the top notch broker, there’s a way to win the bid and close it.

When studying about the Washington State market, LoopNet offers a good place to get you started. It is where big money is found and working. There are many things you don’t know yet and what should be discovered about LoopNet. So take time assessing the properties listed and see where and how they get closed.

3.  Craiglist

Craigslist is another website for real estate investors. It offers opportunities for big deals. Try to spend time exploring Craigslist website and you will notice tons of terrible ads for real estate properties. Occasionally, the best property can only be spotted from a single terrible ad. You need to carefully research because ads are posted every minute of the day in Craigslist.

4. is the biggest place where Multi Listing Services are available online. Sometimes, this site creates some confusion as it doesn’t have consistency on the data they put up on the site.
If your plan is really to invest in Washington, doing it with a Realtor is the perfect move instead of just relying on the site. has neat search alerts to get you notified once a new listing is included by a neighborhood broker.

5. is the right site offering auctions for a large clearinghouse. It deals with REO’s, foreclosures, unwanted properties, quick sales, new constructions, land and others. as what the name suggests it, is all about public sales in which properties are awarded to the highest bidder.

Look into the auction calendar then go to Washington State auctions. Opportunity awaits in meeting the right person at the action. Who knows the person you meet could be your next business partner.

6. Walkscore

Most real estate investors commit a mistake of not considering Walkscore for their search. What the site provides is a ton of any property address. It helps investors know how properties can be properly assessed by buyers and renters. It shows the length of time for buyers and renters to evaluate properties. It also gives details on the neighboring properties.

Walkscore is a good website that aims at reaching the underpriced locations when it comes to amenities. Prices are expected to go up for the coming years if the specific area is still in low in price but already high in walkscore. But there’s an exemption because walkability plays a huge role in putting an investment in Washington State.

So, these are the top helpful websites you can try to learn about the area market in Washington State. Don’t be in a hurry to put your investment, though. It takes a while familiarizing yourself about the existing market in Washington. Study the situation carefully to fully know the market prior to releasing your finances for investment.

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